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Voltup Connect

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Our remote management platforms

Offering essential charge point management services and enterprise-wide charging infrastructure management models. Its various modules provide each business with a dedicated interface that is easy to use and tailored to specific needs such as business model, role access rights, energy monitoring, and marketing.

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No infrasture , easy to use , ready to go

Our systeme

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Load management & demand reponse

Load management capabilities can be configured at the charger/cluster/load area level. Load management enables self-managed operation in the form of static or dynamic load management or integration with third-party systems to support load flexibility and demand response services.

Connect to stay in the lead

Open for connection on all levels, from charging station integrations to Roaming.
New Technology

Control Your Charger with Our App

Book and unlock suitable charging stations, as well as pay for the charging service. New users can register for your services on the spot.


From essential charging point management service to enterprise-size charging infrastructure management models, VoltUp Connect offers everything e-mobility service provider needs in one place. Modular build allows the opportunity to customize the VoltUp Connect interface view based on the needs of a specific business model or based on access rights of the role and thus reduce the complexity of the system for corporate users.

Keep all data related to your equipment in one place, easily accessible to anyone with the required rights. Add location and ownership properties, power and communication configurations, and other related documentation of each charger to keep track over the growth of your network and simplify later maintenance.

Set up all your charging assets based on different parameters, from geo-location to connector, assign local points of interest and mark important location specifics that help with resolving support issues or field service.

  • Charging equipment configuration
  • Charging equipment database

Monitor charging network operation and manage active charging sessions on any connector in the network 24/7. Plug&Play connection of OCPP compliant charging stations gives you full remote control over your equipment.

The system is designed for efficiency; it can manage large amounts of real-time data coming from the field and gives you quick access to any problematic unit.

Detailed dashboard or daily email digest keep you up to date with the latest status information from your charging network. Drill down into the details of every session with an option to export raw data for detailed analytics.

  • Charging network monitoring
  • Charging process overview
  • Charging statistics

Manage and monitor all tasks related to maintenance support; from support requests to scheduling, assigning and overview of maintenance projects with your team. New tasks can be added by operators or requested by end-users on the field through one of your user interfaces.

Over the air firmware updates and remote troubleshooting ensure cost optimisation while real-time support ticketing simplifies the management of maintenance tasks.

  • Support centre
  • OTA upgrades
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Maintenance project management

Stay on top of users data, manage access and identification options, set charging contracts and manage privacy consents with OCEAN CRM tools.

Easily manage and monitor users identifications, contracts, payers, invoices and consents in one place. New users can be registered manually by the operator or automatically through the app and can be assigned different identifications to initiate a charging session.

Users can choose from a variety of authorisation options (connected to the contracts they are assigned) from simple PayAsYouGo credit card payments to prepaid cards, virtual accounts or subscription models.

Users can book charging stations through the app or call centre; all bookings can be monitored and managed via OCEAN CRM module.


  • User management
  • Booking management
  • Contracts and consents
  • User monitoring and statistics

Micro-manage your charging network and set charging tariffs based on location, time, access or used power. Powerful tariff configurator allows you to set pricing based on 15 different criteria.

Your users can choose from a variety of payment types, for example, post-payment with subscription (which can be bundled with other services), pre-paid virtual account for charging (accessible with RFID cards or the app) or PayAsYouGo use.

Ocean’s billing engine processes all recorded charging sessions and links them with registered users or payers to automatically create billing data for invoicing, taking into account all relevant contracts, prices in the system and VAT. Custom API integration allows seamless exchange of billing data with your accounting service.


  • Set tariffs
  • Set payment providers
  • Invoicing
  • Session monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring


  • PayAsYouGo (Ad-hoc)
  • Prepayment
  • Post payment
  • Subscription

Promote your charging service with coupons or generate additional revenue with partner advertising.

Reward your user base with promotional discounts while generating extra income by offering advertising to commercial partners.


  • Generate and distribute coupons

Stay in touch even when not connected. Monitor and analyse the performance of your e-mobility business model, based on a set of criteria with detailed custom reports and easy export of relevant data for offline work.

Get automatic summary reports with statistics for a chosen period or notifications about special events directly in your inbox.

  • Monitor network performance
  • Generate custom reports

As a multitenant environment, OCEAN allows you to create a partner network of charging point owners under a single charging service provider, building a multi-level structure that supports your business model and operations.

You can open any part of your infrastructure to your staff or other business partners to divide daily management tasks or give access to specific information for your clients. Use predefined roles or define your own rights for operators to micro-manage who can see and use your system.

  • Assign sub-operator access
  • Assign team roles

OCEAN can take over the role of the cluster master for any set of charging stations connected into the system. This gives the ability to manage clusters of different charging stations in a specific location.

From the back office, you can set charging profiles and schedules for individual or a group of controllable charging stations based on available power on location, max power consumption or DSO demands.

  • Manage power of large extended clusters
  • Manage DSO requests

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