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Reciprocal benefits and increased comfort

With our solutions, the budget issue becomes secondary. Let's focus on the set-up, access control, commercial management, maintenance: your day-to-day needs.

  • Economic
  • Ecological
  • Convenient

Professional Solutions

For all your activity, we will offer you suitable solutions.


Need to effectively manage your car policy? We have the solution for you.

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Retail & Leisure

Facilitate the implementation of your car policy, including statistics, monitoring, authorization customization, and more.


Meet the needs of your tenants and improve the quality of service. We have the expertise to facilitate day-to-day management and adapt business models to your case.


We can choice for you what is the best for your project


The solutions for safer and cost efficient ev charging

VoltUP charging equipment runs on an interactive charging platform.
Within the platform, a set of guiding principles enabled by artificial intelligence and system communication capabilities offer the fastest possible charging in given circumstances without grid overloads.

Voltup Ev charging range

For all your activity, we will offer you suitable solutions.

Inch Lite

Inch Home

Inch Pro

Inch Duo

Convenient & Fast

Discover Places Nearby

All public customer charging stations

A platform behind a successful e-mobility service.

EV charge point & energy management software

Voltup connect offers remote monitoring and control of your charging network, provides a seamless charging experience to your EV drivers, and performs advance load management tasks to support demand response and load flexibility services.

New Technology

Control Your Charger with Our App

Book and unlock suitable charging stations, as well as pay for the charging service. New users can register for your services on the spot.


Extend the power management capabilities

Load Guard is a sensor in a building's electric cabinet that measures electrical currents and sends real-time data to charging stations. It's crucial when charging stations share power with other consumers. INCH charging stations respond by reducing or increasing charging power to maintain the installation's rated value.

  • Safe
  • Cost efficient 
  • Support your business
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