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Our know-how in eco-mobility

VoltUp, a Luxembourg company, is the leading independent provider of solutions for charging and managing electric vehicles in the Grand Duchy.

We accept the challenge to provide the most flexible platform to handle all your needs. Our teams are engaged in action for carbon-free mobility in our cities and countryside, responsible use of our energy resources and appropriate structures.

Fleet management
Estate & property management
Retail & leisure

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We see it on a daily basis, the adoption of electric mobility depends on the businesses, the locations of our customers. Alongside our packaged solutions, we are developing suitable solutions for the majority of our customers.
Our quality approach is the precision of the management of the needs of our customers and the associated follow-up throughout the project. And even afterwards, because the uses of ecomobility are changing.
Innovation is of course the basis of our DNA in the choice of technologies and the inventiveness of our services. But innovating at VoltUp is above all about understanding and implementing the solution that corresponds to the use cases of each client.
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Domain of gaichel

4 Station in cluster with a load Guards
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Ecological Сompatibility

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Safety & Comfort

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Infrastructure efficiency

A serene electric charging experience thanks to our reliable network of terminals

At VoltUp, we are committed to providing our customers with a high quality and reliable charging experience for their electric vehicles. With an availability score of 98.7% for our charging stations, our customers can count on the reliability of our network to charge their vehicles with confidence, without worrying about sudden availability problems. This allows them to plan their journeys with complete peace of mind, for a hassle-free electric charging experience.


Its mean a lot for us !

Friderich Busanic
Friderich Busanic
27 February 2023
Le service et la qualité au rendez-vous!
Tom Valent
Tom Valent
23 January 2023
Borne de qualité et service au top !