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Modification of Legislation on Charging Station Installation Aid

As of January 1st, 2023, Luxembourg’s regulation on the installation of charging stations will undergo several modifications to support the country’s transition towards sustainable mobility. The Grand-Ducal regulation on aid programs for the installation of charging stations will be extended until December 31st, 2024, and will run in parallel with the aid program for the purchase of electric vehicles. Additionally, the modified regulation will allow for aid to be granted for semi-mobile charging stations, and leasing options will be made available. Here’s an overview of all the changes.

Klimabonus aid for semi-mobile charging stations

Semi-mobile charging stations enable electric vehicle owners to charge their cars safely from any electrical outlet, even when away from home. In such systems, some components are detachable to serve as a mobile charger. Starting in 2023, the purchase of such a charging device will also entitle the buyer to state aid of up to €750 for a simple charging station and up to €1,200 for an intelligent charging station compatible with the OCPP 1.6 protocol, a system that enables more efficient infrastructure management.

Klimabonus aid can now be applied for leasing

Previously, it was possible to apply for a subsidy when purchasing an electric vehicle to reduce the monthly leasing fee. Now, the same model will be available for charging stations, enabling the user to benefit from reduced monthly payments thanks to state aid. Unlike electric vehicles, the charging station will belong to the user at the end of the leasing contract.

Non-profit organizations can also apply for Klimabonus aid

Previously, only private individuals could apply for subsidies for a charging station. With the change in legislation, this group has been expanded to include legal entities. This means that starting next year, associations, foundations, or non-profit civil companies, such as co-ownership unions, can also benefit from aid for the installation of one or more charging stations.

Multiple Klimabonus subsidy applications

If an owner has multiple units in the same building, they can now accumulate aid applications. One aid application per housing unit or commercial space can be submitted. If the space is used for professional purposes, an aid application for every two additional units can be submitted (up to a maximum of 15 charging stations). If it is a shared parking lot, an additional aid application can be submitted for every other space (up to a maximum of 25 charging stations). In this case, the building manager can submit the application.

Subsidy for preparatory work

In collective buildings, it will now be possible to request part of the aid for preparatory work (such as pre-tubing/pre-wiring or load management) up to €450 before the installation of the charging station. However, this subsidy will be deducted from the aid granted for the charging station itself.

These modifications aim to make electric mobility more accessible and encourage its adoption by individuals and businesses alike. By extending the aid program and broadening its scope, the Luxembourg government hopes to accelerate the transition towards sustainable transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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